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Pranayama - Pranayama is gaining control of one's breath. Mindful deep breathing can make a drastic difference in one’s life. Most health problems occur due to an inadequate supply of oxygen in the cells, thus developing toxins in the body. Taking a few deep breaths every day ensures enough oxygen supply in the cells resulting in a healthy mind and body. It can be done at any time of the day except after meals.

Some of the great health benefits of deep breathing are –

Practice pranayama daily and experience an improvement in overall well-being. You may start slowly and increase the duration after regular practice. Breathing in and out should be done slowly and calmly. Expand the belly when you inhale. Contract the belly when you exhale. This is the basic technique of any type of pranayama.

The main types of pranayama are:

Blowing candles exercise 10-20 times is a good breathing exercise that strengthens the lungs.