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About Me

My name is Ritu Srivastava, and I was working as a software engineer. I now pursue my passion for healthy cooking and maintaining a fitness regimen. Whenever I ate rich or junk food anywhere, I started thinking about how I can make it healthy yet tasty. I had done a short-term course on yoga. And over the years I have learned many asanas and practiced yoga and follow a daily fitness regime. I did Level-1 Yoga Teachers Training course from Ayushman Yog school. My aim is to promote healthy food habits, an active lifestyle, and positive thinking. My basic principle is to create and share content that I trust and diligently follow. 

I am the sole developer and content creator of this website. All of the written content, recipes, and food pictures are mine.

My Belief

My Attempt

The information I share is simple to follow, there's no fancy presentation of content as I know that daily routine is so hectic for everyone these days that just cooking healthy food, and following some kind of fitness routine is good enough. I avoid using ingredients like refined flour, sugar, butter, and excess oil and salt in my recipes and substitute these with whole wheat flour, jaggery powder, and ghee/cold-pressed oils respectively.