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Prevent hair fall with onion juice and onion oil

Many of us experience hair fall problems at some point in time. Onion juice helps reduce hair fall to a great extent. You may want to try this as there’s is no harm and continue if it works.


Grind one big onion in the mixer. Squeeze juice from it and apply it slowly and gently on your scalp. Leave it for about an hour and use a mild shampoo after that. Do this a couple of times a week.

Onion hair oil also helps. Massage the oil gently on the scalp, leave it overnight, and wash your hair the next day. Do it once or twice a week. This also helps in hair fall prevention, making the hair roots strong and the hair healthy. There are a variety of brands available in the market that you can try.

Sore throat

A sore throat may sound like a minor problem but it can actually cause discomfort. The person feels dull and feverish too, sometimes. Here are some home remedies that will help to soothe the sore throat and may eliminate it totally. It is best to use these home remedies at the very start of the symptom, otherwise, it gets difficult to cure and may need a doctor visit. Use all of these remedies for best results, but it’s better to consult a doctor if the pain persists for more than 3 days.


Diarrhea can occur due to certain foods that cause indigestion or food poisoning, side effects of some medication, allergies, or some kind of infection. We need to see the doctor in severe cases like several occurrences of diarrhea otherwise a lot of liquids may be lost and there can be chances of dehydration which in some cases may even need hospitalization.

If diarrhea is mild and occurs due to indigestion, here are some home remedies that may help in controlling it:


Constipation could be due to various reasons like not having enough fluids and/or fiber, not being physically active, a side effect of some medications, staying up late at night, or due to stress.

There are some home remedies that help with constipation and increase bowel movement. But if the constipation is severe and home remedies do not work, one should consult a doctor. 

Below are a few home remedies that may be tried for constipation:

Gas and bloating

Many times, people experience gas and bloating due to overeating or eating certain foods that cause gas. Sometimes it may cause discomfort and embarrassing moments. Here are some home remedies that may help in reducing gas and bloating.

Common Cold

Steam and decoction should be taken before going to bed preferably. Avoid going out after taking these.

Dark Circles under the eyes 

Dark circles often appear under the eyes. It could be due to various reasons like lack of sleep, stress, lack of nutrition, exhaustion, etc. There are many recommended and commercial products available in the market. These may or may not be effective every time for everyone.

There are some very useful ingredients available in our very own kitchen that help to reduce dark circles to a great extent. The key is to apply regularly. Potato slices, cucumber slices, chilled tea bags, Vitamin E oil, and aloe vera are effective for dark circles. When using potato or cucumber slices, keep cold slices on the eyes daily once for 5 minutes, or massage the area around the eyes with the slice. It helps to reduce dark circles and reduce puffiness under the eyes.

Sun Protection

At a young age, we tend to ignore skin care as our skin is healthy and glowing. But as the years pass by, our skin loses its glow and becomes dull, tanned, wrinkled, patchy, or dry with exposure to the sun and/or due to stress. It makes a lot of difference if we take care of our skin from a young age. Getting radiant, soft, and healthy skin demands a daily skincare regime.

We should consider using sunscreen of SPF 40 or 50 to protect our skin. Apply in the uncovered areas of the body, especially the face, neck, and arms. Also, wear a cap or hat, sunglasses, and an arm cover (if you are wearing a sleeveless or half-sleeve attire). Use sunscreen whenever you are going out, whether it’s sunny or not. 

Check for good brands with good ratings and feedback. You may want to try out a few till you find the one that suits your skin the best. Do take very good care of your skin.

Eye Care

Just like our bodies, our eyes too get strained and weak over time. And with the advancement in technologies and the invention of smart devices, we are spending quite a lot of time in front of screens hence taking care of eye health is now more important than ever. Eat a balanced diet, take proper care while working on the screen, and spend at least 10 minutes a day on some basic eye exercises.

Here are some basic tips and methods to keep the eye muscles healthy, strong, and relaxed: