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Richest person on earth

Who is the richest person on earth, according to you? If some of the billionaires' names crossed your mind, you are wrong! Money cannot be the criteria of measure of one’s happiness.

A person with peace of mind is truly the richest. Peace of mind can only come with good health, good relationships, decent wealth to live your life, satisfaction, happiness, and sound sleep. It may sound meaningless to the young generation but will surely make sense to older ones as they know the real value of it. 

Will you live forever?

Today you are so busy earning money and saving a fortune for your lifetime. The hustle and bustle, competition amongst your peers, and the endless expectation for raise, appraisal, designation, the position have made you forget the real meaning of life. It makes me wonder whether you think you are going to live forever and if not, then, are you saving for the generations to come? The simple fact is that only you would have the real worth of your hard-earned money. Your own kids will never have the same value for it, let alone generations to come. It will only be either misused or will be like a pile of trash to them.

Rather than competing in the rat race, ponder a little on how your excess money can be used effectively. You will be in people’s memories after you leave this world if you have done something good for them. It’s certainly food for thought.

Don't lose your identity

Lost your identity in today’s world? Trust me. You are not the only one. You have given up your identity to be like others. You don’t want to be left behind in any way. Hold on here. Is this the purpose of your life? What are you afraid of? Will people leave you behind if you don’t be like them? Come on. Let the people or circumstances not affect your life a bit. Do what your heart says. Do what makes you happy.

Create your own identity instead of wasting your time. Remember, life is short.

Live life to the fullest

No matter how hard each day is and how difficult every moment is,

live your life to the fullest.

Let the negative thoughts go away and only positive thoughts enter your mind. Remember, the mind is the reflection of your thoughts.

You may be surrounded by negative people who may let you down.

You may think life is not worth living and may get depressed and think of an extreme step. But hold on for a second and think whether your life is so cheap that you want to end it for some worthless situation, person, or whatever reason. You simply shouldn’t take that path.

Give a thought to the good things, and good people around you.

Think about your parents or loved ones who brought you up, maybe with great difficulties that you may not be aware of.

So thank God for what you have. Stop getting depressed and start afresh as life is beautiful. Every day is a blessing from God.

You will have many reasons to be happy, you have to just find them.

Take life in its stride. Work hard and help others. Be honest and enjoy every moment. Always thank God for giving you this beautiful life. And remember, God helps those who help themselves.

Happy and Healthy Life Formula

Learnings from life

We all are on a finite trip to earth. Don’t take anything for granted. No one knows if we will see another day. If we open our eyes in the morning, it is the biggest blessing from God for we are alive to experience another beautiful day. Whatever troubles us, we need to just remind ourselves that nothing is bigger than what we are blessed with and that is being able to breathe and live.

Life teaches us many lessons daily. It’s up to us if we want to learn from our mistakes and move forward or continue making the same mistakes and ignore the lessons that life tries to teach us. So, whatever troubles or hardships come in our way, let’s work on how we can overcome those. Learn important lessons from your own as well as others’ doings. And move on confidently with a better self and a positive approach to experience and enjoy life.

Your life is a reflection of your own thoughts. And remember, no one can harm or control you if you don’t allow that to happen. And the very important point is to let the past go to be able to live a happy life.

A good heart

The heart is where feelings develop. And feelings cannot be seen or touched but can only be felt.  A pure heart is like a temple. It is free of complications, and a blessing from God. If we are good at heart, we will surely come into memories of others at some moment no matter how far we are from them. Honesty does not require any explanation, it is expressed through deeds.

A good-hearted person forgives people. And to forgive is a beautiful form of love which in return gives immense peace and happiness. We believe in finding good people and leaving bad ones. Instead, we should find the good in people and ignore the bad in them as no one is born perfect.

Life’s deepest meaning lies in lighting a candle in the dark moments of someone’s life. Happiness depends on how we perceive it. A small house filled with happiness is much better than a big house filled with sadness.

It's between you and God

Whatever you do gets recorded in God’s register, the accounting of which is done in this lifetime only. It all depends on your deed. You do good or bad, karma gives back to you multifold sooner or later, in ways you would not expect.

Your kindness may be treated as your weakness, but still, be kind. Your help may go unnoticed, but still, be helpful. Your work may go unrecognized, but still, keep working. Your honesty may not be awarded, but still, be honest with others. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow, but still, do good. Because it’s between you and God. It’s never between you and others.

Importance of human interaction

Human-to-human interaction is very important for mental well-being.

You can test this fact by not interacting with anyone for a few days. For this, you don’t have to confine yourself in a room. Do your regular activities, drive, study, work, shop, etc with minimum interaction with other people. Keep a record of how you feel during this period.

And then start to meet and call people. Do not miss any chance to talk to friends, or colleagues while working, shopping, walking, and any other activity like going out with people on weekends, etc. And record how you feel during this period. I am sure you would feel much better mentally and emotionally in the latter case.

Good hormones are released when we interact with others. Man is a social animal. We are made to connect, cooperate, interact, build relationships, and live in support of each other. That’s a sure-shot way to keep depression at bay, feel good mentally, and thrive in each other’s company. Find time to build a network of good people, and a social circle otherwise, life becomes boring, and loneliness can affect our overall well-being negatively.

Avoid rat race

Don’t be a part of the mad rush to earn money and fame. Avoid rat race. You have got nothing to do with others’ success, money, and life, and vice versa. Think through clearly whether you are really happy and satisfied.

Follow your instincts and achieve the desired results without comparing yourself with anyone and without losing your peace of mind. Aim for the best, work hard till you are satisfied, and accomplish your goals. Remember, it’s your life and you have the control to lead your life happily.

Always stay positive

How to stay positive when your surroundings emit negative energy?

The answer is simple - Don't permit your brain to think about what you don't like or what makes you sad. Only focus on your work, and thoughts that make you happy. Remember that you are in charge of your peace and happiness!