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God has given every human being the power to control just the present moment. But the human tendency is to either think about the past or the future, which one has no control over. 

Meditation helps to focus on the present moment. By practicing daily meditation, we can learn to focus, increase awareness, relieve stress, and feel calm. 

There's no fixed duration for meditation. It can be done for just 5 minutes or for a longer duration as per the schedule but practicing it daily is important. The best time to meditate is early morning but it can be done anytime in a quiet place. Sit down comfortably with folded legs or on a chair with legs down. Close your eyes. Signal your mind to be calm and to slow down. Focus on your breathing. Breathe slowly, and release the stress and tightness from your mind. Do this for some time. Thoughts may cross over the mind during this time and that's alright. Slowly try to keep all the thoughts aside. Feel the calmness in your mind and body. 

At the end of meditation when you open your eyes you should feel calm, relaxed, focused, and more aware of your mind and body.  Repeat positive affirmations for self-motivation - I will be happy, I will achieve my goals, I will be mindful of my actions, I will forgive others, I am confident and strong, and this day will be beautiful. You will feel that the whole day is yours and you have control over all the activities of that day as you have trained your mind that way. 

It takes some time to experience the benefits of meditation. Initially, the mind may be distracted or you may not feel relaxed after it, but with time and practice, you will experience the benefits.