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Mental wellness is all about keeping the mind strong, active, and positive so that it can handle any kind of stress. Ups and downs are a part and parcel of life. Feeling sad, disappointed, dejected, or heartbroken sometimes are normal human emotions but extreme levels like causing harm to yourself or others or depression become serious. You have to train your mind so that it never slips into an extremely negative state. Mind power is the greatest power. It has extraordinary powers. It's up to us to take it to the positive or negative extreme. And this comes from practice. How we handle emotions, relationships, stress, and failures in daily life totally depends on our thinking and our reaction to problems. Keep your mental state positive no matter how hard the situation is. You can surely conquer the hardest problems if you can conquer your mind and thoughts.

Also to keep the brain active, a very important exercise is to use it. This doesn't seem a big issue at a young age or middle age as there are a lot of responsibilities and busy schedules throughout the day. But this problem triggers mostly in old age when all the responsibilities are completed and there's a lot of free time. But this world has a lot to offer to everyone at every age. There are various ways in which brain cells are kept healthy. Pursue your hobby, do what you love to do, and volunteer for noble causes, it can be very satisfying and keeps the mind active too. Try to develop habits like studying, reading, talking to people, solving puzzles, brain teasers, and playing games like chess, and crossword which involve deep thinking. Do what interests you but follow it daily. This reduces the chances of memory loss later in life. It's all the more important to do these activities in old age.

One may experience an improvement in the happiness and satisfaction quotients if the below principles are followed in life.