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Humans have used their intelligence in the best way by inventing so many sports. You should play at least one sport in your lifetime. And there’s no age bar as you can always get into age-appropriate outdoor sports or indoor games. Start learning a sport that you love or develop a love for it, but the earlier the better. There are so many of them like football, cricket, volleyball, hockey, tennis, badminton, basketball, baseball, etc. I am sure out of so many sports, you would definitely want to play at least one.

Sport is much more than just one activity. It has immense health benefits. As we all know, not only does it keep us mentally and physically fit but also helps in hand-eye coordination, muscle building, weight and time management, flexibility in the body, attention to detail, healthy competition between peers/teams, relieves stress, raises self-esteem, rejuvenates the mind and the body, increases happy hormones, and so on and so forth.

And even if you don’t want to play a sport, develop a habit of watching one, preferably live on the court/ground. This also has immense benefits on your mental well-being. And once you start watching, you will want to spend more and more time reading, and tracking matches, tournaments, your favorite team, and players.

Also, when you are watching some sport on the ground, court, or on TV, make sure you utilize your time in parallel doing basic hand exercises, some stretching exercises, facial exercises, tapping exercises, etc. This way you have utilized time efficiently - you are mentally occupied as you are watching and at the same time doing helpful exercises that do not require movement.

Get interested in a sport and you will find a tremendous positive change in yourself and then motivate others as well to do the same. The modern lifestyle takes a toll on mental and physical health. But playing a sport regularly reduces this risk to quite an extent. And you may not restrict yourself to just one sport, the more the better. Also, once you generate interest in sports, you can make new friends who have similar interests and expand your social circle. And for the people for whom the movement is restricted due to age or illness, there are still a lot of other options if they want to play to be mentally occupied. There are hundreds of indoor games like chess, carrom, all types of board games, cards, puzzles, quizzes, crossword, brainteasers, etc which they can choose from and would definitely enjoy playing with friends and family.

Hope you will find time from your busy schedule for sports to experience its countless health benefits. And if you are already into sports, please continue to spend your time and energy on this amazing fitness activity.