Abdominal Exercises

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Cobra exercise - Stay in this position for 45 seconds. Repeat a couple of times

High knees exercise - Bring the knee close to the stomach, it's like running at the same place for 45 seconds

Leg bend exercise - Bend the legs and straighten. Do this for 45 seconds

Pelvic floor exercise - Lie on the back, bend the knees. Lift as shown in the figure, contract the pelvic muscles, and hold for 5 seconds. Relax the muscles and lie in the initial position. Repeat 10 times

Alternate hand and leg raises - Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat on the other side

Crunches - 10 crunches, repeat 3 times

Criss cross exercise for 45 seconds

Leg raises - Pic shows legs raised at 90 degree. Stay in this position for a minute. Lower the leg such that it is at 60 degree and hold for a min. Repeat the same with legs now at 30 degree

Planks every day for a few seconds initially and then hold for minute. 

Right posture is very important

Dog pose for 20 seconds, do it in 3 sets

10 Push-ups initially in sets of 3. Slowly increase to 20,30

Jumping jacks for 45 seconds