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There are millions of dishes that are cooked in different parts of the world everyday. There's so much of delectable colorful food to try amongst these various cuisines of the world. And there's no limit to creativity and imagination when it comes to cooking. Plus there are endless options of healthy food and not-so-healthy food. One should be careful about the choices that is made while having these unlimited options to try for. Eat what is right for the body and enjoy the food that suits your palate and keeps you happy and healthy.

This section features healthy recipes for quick meals, snacks, salads, soups, guilt-free desserts, millet & grains recipes, beverages, and more. I don't use any preservatives, food color or MSG. I avoid using ingredients like refined flour, sugar, butter, and excess oil and salt in my recipes and substitute these with whole wheat flour, jaggery powder, ghee/cold-pressed oils respectively.